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Move Thunderbird Mails to PST Like a PRO!

Thunderbird to PST converter

Moving Thunderbird Mails to PST

Move Thunderbird Mails to PST quickly and seamlessly using “Mail Passport Pro” built by Gladwev Software. This is the only tool that can give you 100% precision in output, not leaving any item behind, like images, email addresses, attachments, or any type of metadata associated with them like structure, formatting, and so on.

Here are the notable features of the tool not offered in other tools while moving Thunderbird Mail to PST:

  •  It is a full conversion utility for almost all Mac based email clients to Outlook PST files. Thunderbird to PST conversion is one of its features, which is what this article is about, but you can also convert Outlook 2011 for Mac, Apple Mail, Postbox, Entourage, MBOX, and EML Files to PST.
  • The tool ensures the data is converted in the same arrangement as original, meaning all your folders and sub-folders in PST files will exactly be in the same location as they were in Thunderbird.
  • There’s dedicated set of algorithms for targeting more complex characters of text, like double-byte characters used by languages like Chinese and Japanese. The tool converts any Unicode based text cleanly without modifying anything.
  • The advanced logic to get MIME defined content is also impressive, as it can be one of the trickiest element to properly convert. These include emails with multiple parts, non-media file attachments, Unicode email addresses, and email headers.
  • It allows you to set a limit for the output PST files. So if you have a large Thunderbird database, you can avoid converting all of it into a single, massively over sized PST file. The tool will automatically create additional files as soon as your specified limit is reached.
  • The PST files it convert the data into can be used anywhere that supports the format, that includes all Outlook versions from 1997 to 2016, Office 365, Exchange Active-sync, and even Mac Outlook. This means, you can use this tool to not only move Thunderbird Mails to Windows Outlook but also the Mac version of Outlook.
  • The interface is designed in such a way that even the complete first-time would have no problems navigating around the tool and using its features. It’s intuitive from the get go and requires no prior experience or deep technical knowledge in the email migration department.
  • The tech support of Gladwev Software is known for their quick response, helpful nature, and expertise on uniquely complex scenario relating to data migration. Whatever your problems are, either generic or specific to your situation, you can rely on them to find solutions quickly.

Mail Passport Pro” comes in many different licensing packages for different categories of users and projects. If you need to install the tool in few computers for work-related scenarios, you will be better off with a small-scale business license or if you need it just for yourself, a personal license will do it for you.

But if you need to try it yourself before getting any of the licenses, get the trial mode for free here. install and get started. It will convert only ten items per folder but you wont’ find any other functionality locked or disabled in a trial mode.

Download Now and Move Thunderbird Mails to PST with Mail Passport Pro!

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