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The Only EML to PST Converter Powered by Stable but Dynamically Adaptive Mechanisms for Error-free Results!

eml to pst converter software

Mail Extractor Pro” is one of the few EML to PST converters that brings for the first time exceptional features with an interface that is within the bounds of an average user to use. It makes an otherwise long-drawn-out and tedious process very simple and efficient.

eml to pst converter

Mail Extractor Pro can convert Apple Mail, Postbox, Mozilla Thunderbird, MBOX & EML to PST file format

EML to PST Converter Software

Preserve everything

One of its core features is the adaptive dynamically processing logic that protects the details of the database. Today, we use emails as the primary mode of communication. Over the years, email database have become increasingly rich and sophisticated. To convert the files that store such a data, it is crucial to use a converter that can power through this complexity without any instability or errors.

Simple easy to use

Secondly, it is also crucial for an EML to PST converter and for any software, for that matter, is to let users interact with the UI in a way that doesn’t complicated things. Therefore, a careful designing of the interface holds the foremost importance in determining the outcome and the experience of the users.

No Data Loss at All

Mail Extractor Pro” meets these two benchmarks easily and goes even a step beyond. It’s sharply devised algorithms that work with your email-related data ensure complete conversion without skipping details like headers info, graphics, Unicode text, links, and so on. And all that is integrated into its super-friendly interface that transforms the process of EML to PST conversion into a breeze.

Let go of all complicated tools and methods that require you to first traverse through high-end concepts and technical jargon of email migration. You can forget the methods that usually take endless hours to convert EML to PST and even then return discrepancies and integrity gaps in the final PST files.

Other features

Below, we take a quick look at some of these particularly tricky parts stored in EML Files that often go missing when employing a traditional EML to PST converter.

  • Graphics embedded within an email, like a photo or icon or a logo
  • Email attachments, especially the large files with unknown formats
  • Headers of emails (like To, From, CC, Bcc, Subject, Time and Date, flag status, and more)
  • The hierarchy of mailbox folders
  • Text in non-English language, mainly the double-byte character based languages
  • Links and email addresses.
  • Text formatting (rich-text, html, etc.)
  • Nested emails in conversational hierarchy

All such content are either converted with many errors or not at all. But “Mail Extractor Pro” works through all of them in a slick and precise way such as to not return a single error or compromise the integrity of the files.

Get this tool today

The tool is developed by USL Software and is available in a free version and commercial licenses. It’s fully Mac OS X compatible, requires no internet to convert files, and is a completely standalone applications that runs without the help of additional utilities. It is also very light and needs only minimal resources.

Download & Read more:

EML to PST Converter is one of its main features, but you can also use it for converting Thunderbird, and Postbox database and Apple Mail to PST and EML files to PST as well.


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